I am an entrepreneurial craftsman & artist and I'm here to design & build web sites, mobile apps, cloud applications and other forms of elegant software.


What I do

  • Architect

    That first step is always the most challenging and rewarding move any company or individual can make. I help to make that first step easier by presenting solutions that can be seen and understood at a high level before the product ever starts to emerge. An affinity for this level of foresight is one of my most impressive qualities.

  • Design

    Considering the aesthetic and functional dimensions of both technology and process is a forté of mine. Developing an agreeable solution requires research, strategic thought, modeling, adjustment, and re-design. This applies when designing network infrastructure, software, interactive experiences, and n-tier conduit.

  • Code

    Coding is the technique behind the artwork and is an art form of its own. My roots run deep in code. It's the experience with more than twenty programming languages that grants me an eye for quality, consistency, documentation, and efficiency. I develop elegant solutions in both design and code.

  • Operate

    Business loves to thrive. I simply open the doors to those more intelligent and equally as driven toward success and innovation as myself. Watering, feeding, and cultivating small business is like breathing new life into the heart of a fresh being and giving it every chance to succeed.


How I do it


There's more to planning that cobbling pieces of a puzzles together. I reduce technological limitations and lead industry standards in solution design.


When I build, it's like watching a mad scientist create a new element. I invest myself in every project at a personal level and take pride in everything I develop.


Nothing is flawless. The sooner we recognize that, the sooner we can start on a path to perfection. I'm not afraid to admit that I engineer test cases and unit tests.


Every solution that I launch incrementally improves on the solution that precedes it. I only deploy progressive, quality, clean, and elegant solutions.

I am currently working on something new and exciting!

  • I am Social
  • I am Creative
  • I am Savvy
  • I am Driven
  • I am Awesome

About me

Facts about me

I'm a highly-skilled software engineer with an eye for interactive design. I develop high-quality, high-performance, standards-compliant, accessible, and usable interactive web sites and applications.


I enjoy investing

Early in my adult life I learned that my strategic mind set is perfect for spotting potential, chasing it down, and pulling all the right strings to keep the ball rolling.

I'm a big music fan

I've been through phases learning piano, percussion, violin, guitar, flute, and piccolo. I actively listen to rap, rock, jazz, classical, and pop genre.

Artistic construction is my passion

It's challenging to build sky-scraping technology infrastructure and software while maintaining the kind of elegance that comes from simplicity, consistency, and beauty.

I love cartoons & action movies

Action movies and comedies are among my favorites. I don't enjoy scary movies or thrillers, but I replace them in my library with cartoons to help my mind relax.


My work experiences

2014 - Present

Principal Technologist, Undisclosed

I'm working on something new and exciting.

2010 - 2014

CEO, Casper Seven

Casper Seven is a full-service enterprise cloud development firm innovating the complete solution from strategy to support.

We're designing and building mobile and desktop cloud apps for the future of innovative social and Earth friendly e-commerce, education, and government interests.

Our backing infrastructure is built by us especially for cloud applications. With our own internal infrastructural advances, we're innovating core cloud technology to produce a blazingly fast, light-weight, and connected environment that simply works.

2012 - 2013

Senior Engineer & Consultant

After completing projects with the State of Alaska, I traveled to Seattle, WA to pursue new heights in my career. I had already been running a company of my own, alongside a strong design partner, and providing software development services for numerous organizations including Washington State Ferries, Live Area Labs, Purdue University, and the Institute of Business Forecasting in New York.

2010 - 2012

Lead Senior Engineer, State of Alaska

I returned to the State of Alaska as a hands-on leader with experience to develop the skills of a newly formed group. I led the implementation of an agile development life cycle, led and worked alongside my team on GIS projects, worked on financial systems, developed technical documentation, and provided ongoing support for a multitude of software and services.

2007 - 2010

Lead Senior Engineer, Great Wolf Resorts

Hands-on as always, I developed the skills of a newly formed team of technologists and led by example. I worked to tailor a new agile development life cycle policy to the organization while managing software development and support. It was a joy coding alongside this Madison, Wisconsin team on projects affecting Great Wolf's consumer facing and corporate online presence including complete redesigns of both.

2001 - 2007

Full-Stack Engineer, State of Alaska

Working with several enterprise-grade content management systems, including Stellent, taught me a great deal. I developed and maintained several web sites and web applications. Managing Windows NT, 2000, and 2003 servers were regular tasks as a full-stack enterprise engineer. I utilized a wide variety of programming languages, technologies, and platforms.

  • He's a fast and knowledgeable coder. Professional and courteous.

    — David B, CEO of Board Media

    Board Media
  • Aaron has gone above and beyond in all of our projects.

    — Robert N, CEO of Inerol Solutions

    Inerol Solutions
  • Already hired Aaron again. Everything was perfect.

    — Marc K, Owner of Mobilize Mail Ltd

    Mobilize Mail

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